By Snyder Orthodontics:

We are so proud to announce that Dr. Snyder has been elected as the Southern Association of Orthodontists (SAO) representative on the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Council on Membership, Ethics and Judicial Concerns.

Dr. Snyder was elected as Chair of this National Council and will serve as Chair for a second term from 2018-2019. The Council on Membership, Ethics and Judicial Concerns is made up of 8 members, and includes 1 member from each orthodontic regional group. His role on the council is to work together with the elected members to help make decisions about the ethical implications of practice guidelines and technology use, make membership decisions and to address issues that may come up with regards to legal issues faced by practicing orthodontists.

Dr. Snyder, as the immediate past president of the Virginia Association of Orthodontics and a current member, has taken on the representative role in an effort to continue making strides within the orthodontic community to create a culture of fairness and morality across all aspects of the orthodontic field. Not only does he believe in the mission of the VAO, he also believes that by donating his time and energy to the association he is able to help the younger generations of orthodontists to have rich and fulfilling careers as well.

While we at Snyder Orthodontics have always known that Dr. Snyder has dedicated his career in orthodontics to his patients and his team members, we also know that he does great philanthropic works by dedicating his personal time to service within his community and to the greater community of orthodontists. His desire to represent his colleagues within the American Association of Orthodontics greatly speaks to Dr. Snyder’s heart of service.

Please help us congratulate Dr. Snyder on this appointment and for doing such tremendous work!